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Granada Family Charity works by supporting local organisations to run low-cost, sustainable and replicable projects. This means that our projects continue to run long after we’ve set them up.

We develop our projects with young people – we discuss the issues, we help them develop their ideas and they make it happen. We make sure young voices are heard: we campaign, advocate and encourage young people to take on leadership roles in their communities.

We intend to make a very real and significant difference to the lives of many poor, sick and needy people.

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Granada Family Charity's in African Countries

Granada Family Charity has ambitious plans for the next three years in four areas:


Enabling young people to make informed decisions around reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.

Many don’t understand how it is spread and believe there is no way to protect themselves from the virus.


Improving access to quality education.

50% of schoolchildren in Uganda do not complete their primary education and only 12% of young people enroll for secondary education.


Building the skills of young people to make safe, positive choices and to participate in the development of their communities.

12% of girls in Kenya drop out of school due to early pregnancy.


Improving access to quality, vocational and business skills training and to credit and land.

A hand-to-mouth existence leaves them and their children prone to chronic poverty.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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Why should you buy your partner Clone A Willy?

It’s a pretty straightforward question, to wonder why you’d want to get your partner a Clone A Willy kit. The immediate answer would be, because your dick is magnificent and you want your partner to have it for use…even when you’re not around. But what are the other crucial points?

You need to consider some things before choosing Clone A Willy over anything else. For instance, does the mold suit your skin? Or how long is the cloning process? And most importantly, is your partner ready to receive this gift from you?

You’ll be able to make your own dildo using the clone a willy set. Before this article talks about why it’s a perfect gift for your partner, let’s find out more about how to make a willy using this dildo mold!

What is Clone A Willy?

Before I divulge into why you should get one for yourself, let’s find out what Clone A Willy is. Clone A Willy is a kit that is used for making your own dildo. This allows you to make a replica of a penis – be it yours or someone else’s.

It’s available in three exciting colours – neon purple, neon pink and black bold silicone! Rumor is there’s also a glow in the dark option for you to try! What you have to do with this awesome make a willy kit is use the dildo mold to make a silicone replica dildo of a penis you’d want.

What’s inside the packet of Clone A Willy?

The cylindrical plastic tube the complete kit comes in itself will be needed later. It is what holds the molding mixture and helps you create the mold. Inside, you’d find two types of silicone gel. You’ll have to mix these gels together as this will form the dildo.

Besides the gel there’s the molding powder, a wooden stirring stick, a vibrator to add some power to your dildo and a thermometer. You need to use this thermometer to check the temperature of the water that you’ll pour to create the mold.

You’ll also find the detailed instructions on how to use this Clone A Willy kit inside the pack. Do not skip on these instructions as it’s crucial you know what you’re doing here. And just an added tip would be, shave yourself before using this kit.

How to make your own dildo using Clone A Willy?

Read this article for a fun anecdote on what can possibly go wrong when you’re trying to clone your dick for the first time. Technically, it’s pretty easy to use – although it’s completely okay to mess it up the first time – therefore let’s briefly go over the process once!

  • Mix the alqae based molding powder after heating it up at the required temperature. Make sure you have all the things ready and in front of you before you try to begin. A few things to keep in mind before embarking on this adventure is:
  • The plastic packaging it comes in, that’s not to throw away after you’ve opened the package. Keep that plastic tube intact and do not throw it away. Take that tube and cut it into the size of your erect penis. This container cut in the proper size by you will act as the holder for the mold.
  • Make sure you read the instructions as they let you know the temperature needed to mix the molding powder. The mixture also settles down quite fast l. So, be ready to insert your erected penis inside the minute you’ve poured in the molding mixture in the plastic container. This will help create the mold fast and accurately.
  • You need to hold your erection for about 3 minutes. That’s why you need some motivation and possibly a partner to help you out with it. Getting your partner a Clone A Willy kit for their birthday and making a dildo replica of your penis can be great fun!
  • You’ll have about 45 seconds or so to insert your penis inside the mold before it starts to set. Therefore, go over the process of making your own dick in your mind before you actually start doing it. Once you have everything you need – make sure that in addition to everything, you have towels and scissors. You must also cover the floor with old newspapers as it can get a bit messy – you’re all set to clone your own willy!

Why you need Clone A Willy in your life

Now you know a little bit about what this kit is. And you also know how you can use it to clone your own penis. So, moving on, let this article give you some pretty strong reasons on why you need this Clone A Willy set in your life to make your own dildo.

  • It makes a perfect gift for your partner!

It has already been hinted at how fun it can be to try and make a willy using this kit. And honestly, that’s the primary reason why people want to buy and try out making a willy using this kit. Moreover, if you’re not willing to step on uncharted territories on your own, bring your partner along. You don’t have to be alone while using this dildo mold.

Instead of giving your partner a dildo, give them this set and use it together! It’s customary you keep your erection for at least 3 minutes while using this kit. You have to insert your erect penis inside the mold and wait till it sets. And later you can fill it with silicone gel which makes the material for you DIY dildo.

If you and your partner does this together, keeping your erection for 3 minutes would be a piece of cake. Think of how fun it would be, your partner edging you on, cheering for you and at the same time keeping you excited. This happens while you try to get the replication process done!

Both of you can enjoy this newly formed dildo together! Also, when and if you’re ever away, this dildo would be perfect for your partner to use when they miss you! Starting from the entire process of making your own dildo to using it, Clone A Willy makes a great gift to give your partner.

  • Helps preserve your penis as a piece of art!

This is another great reason for getting the Clone A Willy kit for yourself. Some penises are just beautiful to look at. Penises, in general, aren’t considered beautiful, we know, but some dicks are just extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at. The Clone A Willy set will help preserve these dicks forever.

There are so many types of dildos available in the market – you’d be amazed to know the types and see how beautiful and vibrant they can be. Why, a dragon dildo itself I’d just so mesmerizing to look at and fascinating to use! You can give your mind free reign and design a creative willy for yourself using Clone A Willy!

Try setting the mold to your penis and while pouring the silicone gel in to fill in the dildo, add other things you’d like. Because there’s no plaster in the mold and the silicone is completely body safe, your skin would be safe. Therefore, you can get creative in what goes inside the body of your DIY dildo.

Be sure to check for allergies though. Be it body glitter, the bullet vibrator or anything else you’d like to put inside your dildo, first make sure it’s safe. Clone A Willy itself is extremely safe to use, so if you’re careful while being creative, you can actually create a work of art with this!

  • A fun project for any young entrepreneur!

It’s not a new idea but something that has been done for ages. You can give a twist to this old play by bringing in your own ideas into it. For instance, let’s say your best friend loves his boyfriend but also wants a new dick every once in a while…what do you do?

First, you realise that it’s completely okay to want to explore. And second, you offer to clone a willy for your friend. This penis can belong to just about anybody! If you can get their consent to replicate their dick, by all means go for it! Who knows, maybe they’ll also want a copy for themselves!

This way, your friend doesn’t have to go and actively find some other person because they want some variety in their sex life. And you get to branch out your services to more people who are looking to explore their sexual sides without having to change their partners!

Although, this was just an idea. But maybe you can add your own pitch to it? There can be other instances. Many people like how big or perfectly shaped their penises are – Clone A Willy helps them preserve their mighty erections just the way they like it, frozen in time.

To conclude…

Be it fun or failure, Clone A Willy is definitely worth trying. It’s just so quirky and fun! If you find this whole concept interesting, that should be reason enough to buy the Clone A Willy kit today!

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