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Granada Family Charity works by supporting local organisations to run low-cost, sustainable and replicable projects. This means that our projects continue to run long after we’ve set them up.

We develop our projects with young people – we discuss the issues, we help them develop their ideas and they make it happen. We make sure young voices are heard: we campaign, advocate and encourage young people to take on leadership roles in their communities.

We intend to make a very real and significant difference to the lives of many poor, sick and needy people.

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Granada Family Charity's in African Countries

Granada Family Charity has ambitious plans for the next three years in four areas:


Enabling young people to make informed decisions around reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.

Many don’t understand how it is spread and believe there is no way to protect themselves from the virus.


Improving access to quality education.

50% of schoolchildren in Uganda do not complete their primary education and only 12% of young people enroll for secondary education.


Building the skills of young people to make safe, positive choices and to participate in the development of their communities.

12% of girls in Kenya drop out of school due to early pregnancy.


Improving access to quality, vocational and business skills training and to credit and land.

A hand-to-mouth existence leaves them and their children prone to chronic poverty.

We can't help everyone,
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